Peet's Student Benefits


Through the UC Berkeley - Peet's Coffee relationship, Peet's commits to hiring UC Berkeley graduates annually through the career center. Peet's will offer paid internships across multiple disciplines. 

To view internship opportunities, UC Berkeley students can login to handshake(link is external)(link is external)(link is external)


UPP works with our partners to provide students with need- and merit-based scholarships. To learn more about Peet's need-based scholarship offers, visit UC Berkeley's Financial Aid & Scholarship(link is external)(link is external)(link is external) page. 

Cal Dining Coffee Stamp Card in partnership with Peet's CoffeeCal Dining Coffee Rewards Card

With every 4 coffee drinks purchased using a reusable mug, Peet's and Cal Dining will provide your 5th drink free! Stamp cards are available and redeemable at the following locations: The Den, Pat Brown's, The Golden Bear Café, Terrace Café, Common Grounds, and the Coffee Cart at Rec Sports. 

Campus Locations

Peet's Coffee is currently being served at the following on-campus locations: The Den, Pat Brown's, The Golden Bear Café, Terrace Café, Common Grounds, and the Peet's Coffee Cart at Rec Sports.