Frequently Asked Questions: Farmers GroupSelect(SM)

General FAQs

Why did UC Berkeley look to partner with an insurance provider?

Unlike transactional vendor business relationships that are simply comprised of the campuses purchasing goods or services, UC Partnership Programs (UCPP) creates a dynamic partnership between multiple campuses and an insurance provider. This partnership creates a platform for the insurance provider to provide benefits that would impact all campus community members, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors and/or other supporters.UC Berkeley collaborated with other campuses (UC Davis and UC San Diego) to identify a preferred insurance provider who would fill certain service or coverage gaps. By uniting efforts and taking a more strategic approach, UC Berkeley is able to build a stronger business relationship that leverages the power of the UC community to provide additional benefits and priority offerings to the UC Berkeley campus.

Why did the university look at a multicampus insurance partnership?

UC Berkeley recognizes that traditional approaches to contracting for some business products and services can be more effective and mutually beneficial if the breadth and depth of these relationships are expanded to seek and advance a set of shared objectives and principles among multiple campuses. With that understanding, the University Partnership Program (UC Berkeley), the Preferred Partnerships Program (UC Davis), and the Campus Partnership Program (UC San Diego) joined under the UC Partnership Programs (UCPP) to pursue a strategic multicampus business relationship within certain industries of opportunity.

What types of insurance are involved? Does this include health and life insurance?

The multicampus relationship will provide personal auto, homeowners and renters insurance products to faculty, staff, alumni and students at the Berkeley, Davis and San Diego campuses.

The relationship does not include coverage for institutional insurance products, including general liability, employment practices liability, property, health, dental, vision, cyber, or worker’s compensation insurance. 

Who was involved in reviewing and securing this agreement?

Farmers GroupSelect was selected after a robust and collaborative review process by the Berkeley, Davis and San Diego Insurance Working Groups. Each campus’s Insurance Working Group included representation from various stakeholders across their respective campuses, including but not limited to undergraduate and graduate student populations; faculty; and staff from the Divisions of Student Affairs, Intercollegiate Athletics, Alumni Associations, and Human Resources.

A list of UC Berkeley Working Group representatives can be found on theUPP Working Groups page

What factors were used to determine an appropriate multicampus provider?

The campus’s Insurance Working Groups reviewed and scored potential insurance partners based on a variety of areas, such as stakeholder benefits, insurance products and services, strategic brand alignment, corporate social responsibility, student engagement, research and innovation, and product pricing and campus revenue.

Who will oversee and implement the Farmers GroupSelect partnership at UC Berkeley?

A committee was formed to include representation from a variety of UC Berkeley stakeholder groups. The UC Berkeley Insurance Working Group includes representation drawn from The Associate Students of the University of California; Graduate Assembly; Student Affairs; Human Resources; Supply Chain Management; Cal Alumni Association; Intercollegiate Athletics/Learfield; and UC Berkeley faculty.

The UC Berkeley Working Group representatives and the University Partnership Program will continue to play a key role in providing input throughout the activation process and will assist in guiding these efforts to completion on the UC Berkeley campus.

What does this mean for the university's existing insurance relationships?

The University of California continues to offer a wide array of high quality benefit plans, allowing campus constituents to select a provider that best meets their insurance needs. This does not impact any formal employee benefits such as health insurance.

The UC Berkeley relationship provides personal property and casualty insurance products and services which includes traditional insurance products (automobile, homeowners, renters). This relationship does not grant service exclusivity to Farmers Insurance, and allows campus constituents to choose their own provider.

Would UC Berkeley constituents be required to use the selected insurance provider?

No. Campus constituents, including students, faculty and staff, will have the option to select a provider that best meets their insurance needs. Individuals who choose to use Farmers GroupSelect may receive special benefits and services.

What are the potential benefits to the UC Berkeley campus?

Through this relationship, Farmers GroupSelect will provide additional benefits to campus, including: 

  • Discounts on individual or bundled insurance packages through the Farmers Insurance ChoiceSM platform

  • Convenient, automatic payment options, including payroll deduction on Farmers GroupSelect insurance for UC Berkeley employees through the UCPath system

  • Access to educational content

  • One-on-one consultation 

The Berkeley campus also plans to work with Farmers to offer recruitment opportunities through the Career Center, as well as student-focused educational opportunities such as case studies and gues lectures.

How does UC Partnership Programs ensure partnerships are aligned with UC Berkeley's values as a campus, such as sustainability, health, and social responsibility?

The UC Partnership Program adheres to a set of Guiding Principles when reviewing and selecting partners. These principles help to ensure the campuses are entering into a well-rounded partnership that aligns with the university’s mission and values. 

The principles are:

  • Strategic Brand Alignment – Develop authentic partnerships that are aligned with and support the university’s mission of teaching, research and public service.

  • Priority Services and Engagement – Secure partnerships that provide support through products or services that contribute to and enhance the daily experiences of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

  • Campus Impact – Enhance the lives of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and our community through support of priority campus programs that highlight the University of California’s Values.

  • Revenue Growth – Pursue strategic, significant partnerships that unlock new campus revenues and program support aimed at advancing the mission of the university.

How long is the agreement?

The relationship formally launched in October 2020, and will last five years.