Student Perks

Popular Perks

UC Berkeley students have access to special perks and preferred pricing on services and merchandise for organizational and personal use through our campus partners and sponsors.

Below is a list of our most popular perks.

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Discounted Student Travel

UC Berkeley students can access University of California specific discounts for their travel. ConnexUC, a secure, award-winning web portal with access to UC’s Systemwide Travel rates and benefits, provides students special benefits and rewards with major airlines, hotel properties, car rental companies, and travel agencies. Learn more by visiting our ConnexUC Travel Benefits page.

Farmer's GroupSelect

UC Berkeley students have special access to Farmers Insurance ChoiceSM. Call 1-844-902-0490 to find the right auto and home insurance for you.

Graduate Assembly

Grad Development Awards

Professional Development Awards

The Professional Development Award provides funding to graduate students presenting at conferences. These conferences must benefit the student’s educational or research endeavors. Visit the Graduate Assembly page(link is external)(link is external)to learn more about student eligibility, selection and awards, rules and regulations, or to apply.

Supported by Peet's Coffee

Funding support for the GA Professional Development Awards is provided as part of the Peet’s Student Support Program. A portion of every Peet's Coffee(link is external) purchase made at Cal Dining Peet's locations helps support student programs and initiatives. Visit the Peet's partner page to learn more. 

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Bank at School Program

The Bank at School program for UC Berkeley students gives you access to customized financial guidance, special offers and great perks on a variety of products and services from our official bank of UC Berkeley, BMO Bank. Learn more about your benefits as a UC Berkeley student.

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Banking & ATMs

BMO Bank has 10 ATMs across campus to ensure that students can easily and conveniently do their banking without having to leave campus. In addition to convenient access to ATMs, students can access an on-campus branch located in the ASUC Student Union, MLK Jr. Building on the 1st floor.  View the campus map



UPP works with our partners to provide students with both need-based and merit-based scholarships. Learn more about the following partner scholarship opportunities by visiting UC Berkeley’s Financial Aid & Scholarship website.

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Coffee for a Cause


A portion of every Peet's Coffee purchase made at Cal Dining Peet's locations or through Cal Dining helps support UC Berkeley student programs and campuswide initatives including:

  • Graduate Professional Development Grants
  • Campus Sustainability Programs
  • Basic Needs Skills Course
  • An on-campus farm and gardening program

Visit the Peet's partner page to learn more!


Peet's Campus Locations

Peet's Coffee is currently being served at the following on-campus locations: The Den, Pat Brown's, The Golden Bear Cafe, Terrace Cafe, Common Grounds, and the Recreational Sports Facility.


CDW-G Student Discount

Students have access to discounted offerings* on over 15,000 hardware and software products from brands such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, Samsung and more. 

In addition, a portion of purchases made using your email account go back to support UC Berkeley programs and departments:

*Discount amounts may vary between products and brands.

Create your account today by visiting



Our university partners give students access to paid internship opportunities that match the culture of excellence they experience at UC Berkeley. Students can view internship opportunities from Bank of the West, Peet’s Coffee, and other partners by logging in to UC Berkeley’s Handshake portal.