Impact Reports

UBPS 2022-2023 Impact Report Cover featuring collage of images2022-2023 Impact Report

Fiscal Year 2023 exhibited a sense of renewal and adaptability as the campus community embarked on its return to full-service operations. Of particular note was UBPS’ leadership in creating a new beverage relationship and continued effort to improve campus facilities, support student programming and prioritize campus initiatives. Explore more in our interactive 2022-2023 UBPS Impact Report.

UBPS 21-22 Impact Report Cover image featuring an evening image of the Campanile against a sunset2021-2022 Impact Report

Fiscal Year 2022 showed a continued resilience within the UC Berkeley community. With one another's support, we were able to emerge from an uncertain time and reinvigorate our commitment to teaching, research and public service. Read how UBPS partners expanded their impact across campus through new avenues that focus on priority initiatives in our 2021-2022 UBPS Impact Report.

UBPS 2020-2019 Impact Report cover featuring campus Campanile2020-2021 Impact Report

In Fiscal Year 2021, we learned the true meaning of the word partnership. Despite the uncertainty of life on campus, our partners continued their support of UC Berkeley, demonstrating flexibility throughout changes brought on from the pandemic. Learn more in our 2020-2021 UBPS Campus Impact Report.

UBPS 2019-2020 Impact Report Cover featuring collage of images2019-2020 Impact Report

Fiscal Year 2020 was a time of change. Student groups, campus departments and university initiatives directed their focus to supporting opportunities of impact and change that would positively affect our campus, our culture and the world. Despite all the unforeseen changes that occurred in 2020, UBPS partners and sponsors continued to collaborate with our campus to support our endeavors and goals. Learn more in our 2019-2020 UBPS Campus Impact Report.

UBPS 2018-2010 Impact Report Cover featuring Sunset from Campus2018-2019 Impact Report

Fiscal Year 2019 was a time of discovery and growth for University Business Partnerships & Services. From multicampus collaborations, systemwide partnership opportunities, and expanded campus services, UBPS and our campus partners continued to support initiatives and programs that foster the Berkeley experience. Learn more in the 2018-2019 UBPS Campus Impact Report.

UBPS 2017-2018 Impact Report Cover featuring view of campus and the Bay Area2017-2018 Impact Report

Fiscal Year 2018 brought change and growth to the University Business Partnerships & Services Program (UBPS). We launched two new partnerships, expanded our campus outreach, and created even more opportunities for our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. See how UBPS partners continued to contribute significantly to the university through financial commitments and service engagements in UBPS' first annual Impact Report.