How it Works

Governance Model

The University Partnership Program is guided by a comprehensive governance model that ensures participation by campus stakeholders to ensure alignment with our values as a public university through a "bottom-up" approach.

Ultimately, any partnership must support the university’s mission, be aligned with its values, and benefit the campus community.

governance model

Stakeholders & Communities

Provide input and feedback to the UPP office and Working Groups on prospective categories and partnerships. Stakeholders will collaborate on a unified business plan and relationship management, and approve respective values - rights. 

Category Working Groups

Develop request for proposals (RFPs), review proposals from prospective partners for individual market categories, and recommend prospective partnerships for approval to the UPP Advisory Committee. Each working group is unique to each category and meets as needed. 

View our category working groups.

Campus Support Groups

Provide needed support and accountability in the evaluation and execution of partnerships. 

Program Office

Provides strategic support to University Business Partnerships & Services. Monitors UPP progress, strategic initiatives and performance against defined metrics. 

University Business Partnerships & Services

Leads and executes the UPP program. Assesses strategic opportunities, solicits input from Stakeholders and Communities, appoints and directs Category Working Groups as needed to develop recommendations. 

UPP Advisory Committee

Advises on policies to guide UPP, consults on new opportunities, reviews Category Working Group recommendations for new partnerships, and sends partnership opportunities that they endorse to the UPP Finance Committee for final approval.

View our Advisory Committee members and committee bylaws.

Finance Committee

Sets strategic vision and values, reviews, and approves prospective partnerships. This committee reviews all campus funding requests presented outside of the annual budget process.

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